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The Very Real Consequences Of Ignoring Playground Rules

Maybe the animal was just being playful? A Insurance Holdings rep shares a favorite story from the Hall of Claims

As a claims representative, Alec G. is no stranger to bizarre cases of animal adventures. (It’s called “wildlife” for a reason, right?) This claim involved a home in the wilds of Alaska, a moose and a red swing set.

“A swing set next to the home accidentally ensnared a moose—his rack got tangled in the chains. The moose dragged this swing set all over the property,” Alec says. “The front of the home was covered in deep scrapes and dents; red paint from the swing set made it look like a crime scene. The owner didn’t catch the moose in the act. Fortunately, the moose freed itself and went back into the woods unharmed.”

"It’s called “wildlife” for a reason, right?"

The Resolution: The perpetrator could not be contacted for a statement regarding the incident or ensuing damages. Insurance Holdings covered the claim to repair the home as an accidental loss due to “contact with a bird or animal.”

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