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This Guy Is The Reason Some Landlords Have Strict No-Pets Policies

Sure, he's pretty much the cutest thing ever. But did you hear about the time he flooded the house?

Consider the puppy. Sure, they seem completely adorable. After all, they are fuzzy-faced, wiggly love masters of joy who regularly win the Internet. And yet, they are capable of causing damage that can exceed their cuteness.


Case in point: when a rental property owner called in a water damage claim, Melissa W., a London-based Insurance Holdings® representative, followed up for clarification. Exactly how did the tenant's new puppy cause a second-floor bathroom sink to overflow?


The puppy-parent tenants needed to run a quick errand, so they stocked a bathroom with food, water and squeaky toys, and closed the door to keep the small dog safe. They returned home to find sheets of water flowing from the second floor down the walls and stairs to the floor below. The puppy was fine, but recent renovations to the property—new cabinets, flooring and a new tankless hot water heater—were damaged, according to the water damage team called in to assess and make repairs.

As best as anyone could tell, the problem occurred when the pup leaped onto the lid of the closed toilet, hopped into the sink and not only managed to turn the water on, he also kicked in the sink stopper. 


The Resolution: Although the rental property owner’s insurance policy did not cover flooding from rainwater or other sources, the Insurance Holdings claims team on this case found that "sudden and accidental" damage caused by a pet was not excluded damage in the policy. Insurance Holdings covered the cost of repairs to the property.

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