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Here’s What Happens When Stubborn Pedestrians Meet Disruptive Technology

A cherry-red ride, a country road... what could possibly go wrong? A Insurance Holdings agent shares his story from our Hall of Claims


One day, I drove my wife's car outside the city to meet a client at his home. This car was a beauty — cherry red. My wife loved it.


The client's house was far outside of town. After the meeting, as I pulled out of the driveway, a herd of goats stood in the middle of the dirt road that would take me back to the highway. I didn’t think much of it; I flashed my lights and revved the engine, thinking they'd mosey off the road. But they didn't move. I inched forward a little. Still, they just... looked at me.

Finally, I honked the horn to see if I could scare them off the road. Well, it worked. I scared them right off the road, and onto the car. Two goats jumped on the roof.


Another goat started rubbing its horns on the front driver's side near the wheel. I kept honking, not knowing what to do, and a third goat jumped on the roof.


I got out of the car and tapped one of the goats, which startled it and the others enough to make them scurry away. There were some serious dents and scratches on the car.


I don't know what was more difficult: telling my co-workers what happened and facing that ridicule, or telling my wife what happened to her beloved car. My Insurance Holdings adjuster definitely had a good laugh about it.

The Resolution: After paying the deductible and vowing to never honk at a herd of goats again, Insurance Holdings covered the damage repairs through my comprehensive auto policy.



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