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Sometimes Life Is Like A Box Of Hamsters, You Never Know What To Expect

How can a fast food treat lead to reduced engine power in your car? Find out in this delicious story from the Hall of Claims

You can imagine the excuses I get from people who rear-end someone. We live in the Golden Age of distracted drivers. Texting, talking without going hands-free, putting on makeup, eating a three-course breakfast — I haven’t heard about a Pokémon Go-related auto claim yet, but it may be just a matter of time.


But this claim was different. As I discussed the situation with the customer, everything seemed straightforward until I asked a question I always do: “Is there anything else that you wanted to add?”

“I overheard the other driver say there was a hamster loose in his car, and that’s what made him hit me,” he replied.

I thought I smelled a rat, but sure enough, the hamster tale checked out. The driver shared that a hamster was loose in his car and caused him to hit the other vehicle. Apparently it got out of the box and crawled between his legs, and he was trying to retrieve it when the crash occurred.


And you thought texting was dangerous. Still, it could have been worse for the poor guy. Fortunately, no one (including the hamster) was injured.


The Resolution: Because the customer was rear-ended by the driver with the hamster, Insurance Holdings® covered the damages.

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