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"I Came Back to Find Teeth Marks All Over My Car"

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Who knew horses liked bananas? One IHL® agent shares his favorite unlikely-but-true story from the Hall of Claims

Picture the scene: A game sportsman scoping out wild turkey in the frostbitten, rolling hills of southwest Missouri. He parks his prized, 4WD pickup truck—in perfect condition and freshly waxed—in a nearby pasture and strolls into the woods.


About a mile in, he says, he starts clucking and “cutting”—a short, staccato call to draw tom turkeys in the area. He hears no return callbacks, only a vague, far-off sound of crushing metal, which he ignores as he continues calling out for turkey.


After an unsuccessful day on the hunt, he trudges back to the pasture to find four horses surrounding his truck, licking its exterior.


When he got closer, he realized it was more than mere licking. Distinctive teeth marks marred the paint all over the vehicle.


The horses had even chewed on the fenders and dented the doors. The horses stopped grazing only as the truck rolled away. It was then the owner remembered the special polish used after his most recent car wash: a brand of carnauba car wax that carries the unmistakable (and apparently irresistible) scent of bananas.

The Resolution: IHL paid the claim for the cost of repairs to the damaged truck. The owner likely switched his car wax of choice to something a little less delicious.

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