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When This Man Awoke To Strange Sounds, He Expected A Thief, Animal Or Ghost

What he found instead was much more surprising. A Insurance Holdings® representative shares a favorite story from the Hall of Claims

A homeowner in Southern California woke one night to the sound of his ex-girlfriend yelling his name. He flipped on the yard’s floodlights and saw nothing. Having ended the relationship on difficult terms, he assumed she was hiding or playing a prank, or that he was hearing things. He went back to bed.


But as he dozed off, he heard his name again. Marching through the house and preparing for a confrontation, the homeowner tried to find out where the sound was coming from. He traced the woman’s voice not to his back yard, but the living room. There, the name-calling got louder. And clearer.  He told me how it slowly dawned on him:



‘She’s... stuck in the chimney.’


“After attempting a rescue with a house ladder, the man called 911. Firefighters spent two hours completing the rescue—a slow, methodical operation that involved carefully breaking a large hole in the face of the chimney to extract the woman.


The Resolution:  IHL covered the cost of repairing damages to the chimney. No word on whether the relationship has been repaired.

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