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The Incredibly True Story Of A Wild Hog That Played Chicken…And Won

Why did the boar cross the road? We may never know, but it’s another great story from the Hall of Claims

One of my clients was driving to work one morning when, out of nowhere, a big wild hog ran into the street straight at his truck. Keep in mind, here in rural Oklahoma, we have a serious wild hog problem. They’re everywhere, but we’re kind of used to them.


Of course, he did everything he could to avoid hitting the hog. He swerved and just missed the animal. Then he nailed his neighbor's mailbox  —  took it clean out  —  and drove into a ditch.


After the dust settled, he got out of his truck and saw that hog running across a nearby field as if it hadn’t just bounced off of his truck. The hog was fine but ready to get out of there. Nice guy that my client was, he knocked on his neighbor’s door to explain why he plowed into her mailbox.


The Resolution: That wild hog's ambush caused a fair amount of damage. IHL® covered the cost of repairs. We would have covered the neighbor's mailbox, but the client replaced it himself.

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