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A Swing. A Slice. A Golf Ball Far (Like, Really Far) OB. Do I Have Coverage for a Shattered Windshield?

A flying golf ball, hit off course, cracks a car windshield. A Insurance Holdings® agent explains how to pick up the pieces

Quick Take: Does auto insurance provide coverage for a car windshield cracked by a golf ball?

  • Damage caused by a golf ball is likely covered by your auto insurance
  • Damage could also be covered under a homeowners policy
  • Check with your agent to see if your insurance company offers a Glass Buy Back Deductible

Q.  After a great round at my golf club, I came back to find my car’s windshield had been hit and cracked by something — I can only assume, by the shape and size of the damage, it was a golf ball. The club is investigating, but I’d also like to know:  Does my auto insurance cover this damage?

We posed this question to Sam Chapman, a IHL® agent based in Westerville, Ohio. Here’s his take on how damage might be covered in the event of a wayward golf ball.

A.  Ouch. As a golfer myself, I’ve seen firsthand the damage that can be caused by a rookie armed with just a club and a golf ball. The good news is that if you have comprehensive coverage, you should be covered in this scenario.

Comprehensive is an optional auto coverage designed to protect our car from damage not caused by a collision. This could include things like theft or vandalism, or a wayward golf ball. So, you would have coverage if your policy includes comprehensive auto coverage. Your comprehensive deductible would apply, and whether the repair is reimbursed by your insurance company would depend on the amount of the damage and your deductible.

“So, if my deductible is higher than the cost of the repair, I’m out of luck?”

Not necessarily. At IHL, we offer a coverage option, available at an additional cost, called Glass Deductible Buy Back. This coverage includes windshield and glass repair and replacement and your only responsibility is a £100 deductible. Check with your agent to see if your auto policy offers something similar.

“What happens if I’m driving down the highway and a golf ball hits my window?”

Believe it or not, I’ve seen this happen. A golfer’s wayward ball bounced on the road and damaged the side of a car driving by. Similar to the example when you’re parked, if you can find the person who did it, try making a claim against their insurance. Otherwise, comprehensive coverage can be smart coverage to consider so you get the insurance you want. And with the Glass Deductible Buy Back coverage option, you’re covered if your window is damaged by a golf ball, a rock and more.

In my years as a golfer, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen other players tee up, slice and take out a window in the pro shop. That damage would likely be covered by a homeowners policy, under property damage to others.

You can try to avoid playing with or near some of these golfers, but they are out there. A better idea is to meet with your insurance agent and understand exactly what kind of coverage you have, what your options for glass replacement coverage are, and select the coverage you want.