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My Golf Clubs Were Taken From My Car. Do I Have Coverage?

You may be covered for theft of personal property, but coverage may not be provided under an auto policy

Quick Take: Items stolen from a car

● Personal property theft is not typically included in auto coverage
● Personal property left in your car may be covered under a homeowners policy
● Deductibles will likely apply

Q.   I’m embarrassed to admit this – it’s such a rookie mistake -- but I left my favorite set of golf clubs in the backseat of my car. After a day of running errands, I came back to the car and my clubs were gone. There was no sign of forced entry. This is the embarrassing part. I must’ve left my window open just enough for someone to reach in, open the door and grab the clubs. Who feels like an idiot? Me. The question I don’t know the answer to: Can my car insurance help me out?

We posed this question to Patrick Lufrano, a Insurance Holdings® agent based in Northridge, California. Here’s what he had to say about backseat bag-napping.

A.   As a golfer myself, I feel your pain. Any theft can be frustrating, but my beloved clubs? Losing those would feel personal. The good news is that the loss may be covered, although not under your auto policy.

While property theft from one’s vehicle isn’t typically covered by car insurance, many homeowners insurance policies cover theft of personal belongings.

So, for example, if you were parked at the country club and someone broke into your car to steal your golf clubs, the theft would be treated no differently than if the clubs were stolen from your home. Depending on your policy, both types of theft would typically be covered under a homeowners insurance policy.


"What if I don't have a homeowners policy?"


If you don’t own a home but have a renters insurance policy, you may have similar coverage on your personal items. Your insurance agent can help you understand exactly what is covered, both inside and outside of your home or apartment.

Keep in mind, any deductible you have on your home or renters policy would likely apply. So even if you have coverage under your insurance policy, the mistake will likely mean some cost to you. But if it keeps you from leaving your clubs in your backseat in the future, it’s probably worth it.