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The short answer is yes:

  • You can make changes to your coverage any time throughout the year. 
  • Simply call your Insurance Holdings agent or Customer Service.
  • Policy changes take effect immediately.
  • Coverage on a new car which is added during the policy term starts when you take possession. 

Q.  I’ve just learned about a type of coverage that I want, and we’ll probably be getting another car soon. When am I allowed to make changes to my auto policy? 

Insurance Holdings® agent Marcus Troup of Springfield, Missouri, explains how easy it is to update your policy.

A.  As long as you are a Named Insured, you can make adjustments to your auto policy whenever you wish — you don’t have wait until renewal time. You can make rolling changes throughout the year and just pay for the portion you use. So, if you have two months left on your annual policy and add coverage, you’ll only pay for two months’ worth of that coverage.

Let’s say you want to change your deductible or liability limit. We can do that with a five-minute phone call. If it’s a Saturday morning and your agent’s office is closed, simply call Insurance Holdings customer service for a live representative who can help. Any changes you specify will be in force by the time you hang up.

If you’re already a Insurance Holdings customer and are about to buy a new car, there’s no need to call right from the dealer. You’re covered when you drive off the lot. You have up to 30 days to notify us so that we can add the vehicle to your policy.