Hotel room
Hotel room

TantaSecure® Hotel Appliance Protection

Keeping guests happy, comfortable and satisfied has been the secret to hospitality business success around the world. Appliances and Electronics play a vital role in proving comfort to guests.

However, when they inevitably get damaged, it can cause great discomfort to your guest, and cause a dent on your great reputation. Your Appliances and Electronics are also a major investment. And a TantaSecure® agent can help as you select the coverage that protect your items from malfunctions to give your guest an uninterrupted comfort.

Your TantaSecure Business Agents can share protection options so you can:

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Choose a Plan

Gauging your risk tolerance for investment mixes that meet goals and get a detailed quote without keeping you up at night. Starting from NGN12,000 for 12 months

Make Payment

Make Payment through any of our numberous payment options

We've got you covered

From Accidental damages, Electrical malfunctions, Liquid Damages, Crashes, Mechanical Malfunctions, Manufacturers defects and other forms of damages. Weekly maintenance to ensure zero interuptions.

Most Businesses relay on these technologies to effectively run their business. On the other hand, Accidental damages, drops, spills, electrical mal-functions and everyday mishaps are completely unavoidable and could happen at any time, even to the most careful users. 99% of device owners have experienced device breakdown, malfunctions or accidental damages. 29% have abandon their item(s) due to expensive repair, lack of replacement parts and costs, or lack of specialist technician. 31% are still using their broken device(s), in the current defective condition. While 40% repaired their broken device(s) at a ridiculous price.