Careers at TantaSecure
Careers at TantaSecure

About TantaSecure

Providing Value and Comfort

A.E Tanta had a dream of providing a quality repairs with comfort at a reasonable price. We’ve grown and adapted to meet the changing needs of Nigerian. But one constant has remained: We have an unwavering commitment to uphold our founding ideals to provide first-class services to the customers we’re privileged to serve.

Different Eras, Same Exceptional Service

tantasecure not only prides itself on helping you prepare for the unexpected, but also on helping restore order when it occurs, so you can keep moving along the road of your life’s plans.

Since our incorporation, technology was evolving by the minute. Everywhere we looked, people are using awesome new gadgets, electronics and dropping them, and spilling liquid on them, and having all sorts of accidents.

Meanwhile, the warranty market was living in the past. We thought it was time to move things forward. Our big idea? Give people protection that covers the breaks, spills & mishaps of everyday life, with moneyback guarantee if no damages to protected items and treat our customers like we'd want to be treated. Evidently, we were on to something.

Our Story

Our story began with the simple goal of provinding quality repairs and maintenance services, but as the world changed, so did we.

WHY CHOOSE tantasecure?

When your stuff breaks, it is our mission to make it perfect again. We're obsess over customer satisfaction.

Careers at TantaSecure