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We make it our business to protect and maintain what runs yours.

We're proud to announce our new "Retainer Package" a Pay as you Go plan designed to fit your budget. Learn more

One-Time Payment

One off Annual retainership fee of NGN 115,200. No hidden charges or service charges.

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Replacement Parts

Subsidised high quality replacement parts, warrantied by Tanta Secure Limited.

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Zero Interuptions

With our weekly maintenance, you wont't even know your gas was refiled or your computer power pack

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TantaSecure® Hotel Appliance

Keeping guests happy, comfortable and satisfied is essential in the hospitality business. To achieve this, Appliances and Electronics play an important role. Sign up for ZERO interruption with TantaSecure®.

  • Free Weekly Maintenance

  • Zero Interuptions

  • Clean Professional Repairs

  • Focus on your business, you won't even know your item was damaged.

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hotel appliance protection

TantaSecure® Office Appliance Protection

How do you balance competition and productivities? You might want to increase sales— and be ahead of competition. You don't need interruptions from accidental damages, malfunctions and other mishaps interrupting your work.

Save on Maintenance Budget

Protect your work tools, computers, phones, and other important tools needed to foster your work.

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office appliances protection

Highly Trained

Repaired by experienced, certified technicians using high-quality parts, Repaired by experienced, certified technicians using high-quality parts

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Affordable pricing plans.

Because every company is different, TantaSecure comes with multiple retainer-ship plans that fit your needs.

(Save up to 20% off on annual plans)


Everything you can get from a professional solution to keep your business from interruptions on its way to success

  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Smartphones
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Need a In-house Free Technician??

We offer more than an Enterprise solution, contact us now and request a custom build for your business.

In-House Technician

Weekly Maintenance

Profesional Repair

100% Labor Covered

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TantaSecure saves

TantaSecure will saves you thousands of naira with our free weekly maintenance on maintenance budget.

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